Thermal T-Clips

T-Clips Thermal Management

Suitable for Mounting Semiconductors to Heatsinks

The use of pressure to mount discrete power semi-conductors has been rapidly growing. It has proven to be a cost effective technique and it can improve the overall performance of the discrete semiconductor. Trocad's T- Clips with a gull wing design offer a easy way of mounting two plastic case transistors in a small place. These T- Clips provide several advantages

T-Clips are available in two Sizes TO-220 (TO128,TO126, TO-218) and TO-3P (TO247, SOT-93). They are Zinc plated. Nylon coating for improved insulation is an option but is expensive.

MOUNTING : Use a M4 small round head screw. Mount from top or bottom with tapped hole or use nut. Screw Headshould not touch sides of clip.