About Us

Trocad Technologies was set up with the objective of ensuring easy availability of 'Speciality Materials for Electronics'.

The materials we offer are either offered under our brand by sourcing material from world renowned manufacturers or products of International brands, ensuring high class and high quality products at competitive prices and quantities, to suit the needs of our customers.

The products mentioned in our product list are our introductory products introduced to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers. If there is any item, specialised material, or requirement for which you may need to source economically, do contact us, we will try to satisfy your need.

We maintain a generous stock in our warehouse in Mumbai, India and we are ready and waiting to accept your telephone call, fax or e-mail message. If the product you need is in stock, we offer same day shipment to your facility. Besides that, we are young, fresh, friendly company that will do anything possible to provide you with SERVICE & SOLUTIONS.

Some of Our Thermal Interface Material Suppliers 

(We are open to negotiating with other customer specified supplier)