Thermal management Solutions

We partner with our clients on their specific needs for custom thermal management solutions. We specialise in design assistance, rapid prototypes, short run orders, as well as timely deliveries and stocking of high volume production requirements. We are proud to be dependable suppliers to the electronics, computer, telecommunications, automotive, medical, and food service industries.

Many standard sizes and configurations of thermal interface materials are available. Enquire to Request a sample of our material.

We are conveniently located in Mumbai, India and deliver to all our clients in India and internationally.

Thermal Interface Silicone Pads

Thermal pads

Insulator Pads designed to be clean, grease free and flexible. It can be customised to your own outline drawings

Thermal Insulation Tubes

Thermal Tubes

Made from silicone rubber with high thermal conductivity. Flexible conductive tubes ideal for clip mounted power devices.

Thermal Silicone Grease

Thermal GREASE

Grease like silicon material. Ensures high conductivityow bleed and high temperature stability