Thermal Products

Products Currently Available:
1. Heatsink Compund R-322
2. Thermal Pads T-177 / T-228
3. Thermal Pads T-250
4. Phase Change Thermal Pads T-2000
5. Thermal Pads Flexible Tubes
6. T-Clips

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When 2 flat surfaces come in contact with each other, such as a transistor package and a heatsink, the average contact area is only 2%, the remaining area is an air gap. Air is a very poor thermal conductor and so restricts the flow of heat from the heat generating component to the heatsink. To get the best performance from a heatsink and to keep the operating temperature of the component to a minimum, the air gap must be filled with a thermally conductive medium.

To keep the thermal resistance to the minimum, Trocad offers you the conventional Thermal Grease as well as the modern and convenient Thermal Pad.

A) Thermal Grease
 - Heat Sink Compound

Thermal Grease

Trocad R-322 Heat Sink Compound is primarily used for Thermal coupling of electrical/electronic devices to heat sinks. This product is also used as a high-voltage corona suppressant, a nonflammable coating in connections for flyback transformers and TV sets and in aircraft engines where heat sinking properties are required.

Thermal Grease Specification Sheet

B) Thermal Pads

Thermal Pads
"Get rid of the mess with grease and mica". It actually works out more economical. Trocad Thermally Conductive Insulators are a combination of a tough carrier material such as fiberglass and silicone rubber, which is conformable. T-Pads minimize the thermal resistance, electrically isolate the semiconductor from the heat sink and have sufficient dielectric strength to withstand high voltage.

Thermal Pads Specification Sheet

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