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Thermal Pads T-250

Thermal Pads

Trocad Thermally Conductive Insulator Pads are designed to be clean, grease free and flexible. The combination of a tough carrier material such as fibreglass and thermally conductive silicone rubber which is conformable, provides the engineer with a more versatile material than mica or ceramics and grease. T-Pads minimize the thermal resistance from the case of a power semiconductor to the heat sink. T-Pads electrically isolate the semiconductor from the heat sink and have sufficient dielectric strength to withstand high voltage. They are also tough to resist puncture by the facing metal surface unlike plain silicone sheets.

T-250 Pads are ideally suitable where low thermal resistance and low cost are critical.

Trocad T-Pads are available in various TO outlines, in sheets or can be made to your outline drawing. 


Typical PropertiesT-250Test Standard
 Part prefix code T-250 
 Thickness (mm) 0.25 ASTM D751
 Breakdown voltage 50Hz RMS 4000~ ASTM D149
 Approx Thermal Resistance 
 (to -3 transistor) °C/Watt
 0.49 ASTM D5470
 Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K) 1.0+0.028 ASTM D5470
 Hardness 70+5 ASTM D2240
 Tensile Strength MPa 30 ASTM D751
 Weight Loss, @ 400°F/24hrs < 2.0 
 Flammability Class V-0 UL-94
 Continuous Use Temp. °C -50 to +250 
 Colour Grey 

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