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Phase Change Thermal Pads T-2000

  • Low Thermal Impedance
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • High Cut Through Resistance
  • 60°C Phase Change Temperature

Phase Change refers to the characteristics of the Thermal Compound used to transition or change to a fluid state and back to a solid state at predetermined temperatures. During the change to its fluid state the compound expands 15% in volume allowing it to move and wet both mounting surfaces and fill all interstitial voids between them. This eliminates airpockets, allowing maximum heat transfer. T-2000 is composed of a specialized heat conducting polyamide insulating substrate coated both sides with a proprietary phase change thermal compound that offers unique heat transfer advantages. The controlled flow permits conformal setting of the material. Wetting action eliminates voids due to mounting surface irregularity.
Typical Properties T-250
 Part prefix code  T-250
 Thickness (mm)  0.076
 Thermal Impedance (°C-in²/W)  .20
 Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)  0.45
 Dielectric Strength, VAC/mil(min)  2200
 Tensile Strength PSI AT 23°C  18000
 Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm at 200°C  10
 Dielectric Constant at 1 kHz  4.2
 Cut-through Resistance (lbs)  40
 Colour  Grey

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